Environmental Stewardship / Food Safety

Spring Acres Sales Company is an environmentally-friendly operation. 

In addition to having certified nutrient management programs for its farming operations, our family-owned corporation has also developed our own forestry and wildlife programs. Any time of the year, deer, turkeys, rabbits, ducks, birds and other wildlife flourish in the environs of our farming and forestry operations. Spring Acres' GLOBAL GAP and USDA GAP certifications also attest to the environmental stewardship programs of our company.

At Spring Acres Sales Co., we recognize the importance of a first-rate food safety program that encompasses both food safety and sanitation practices. It starts with keeping records of each field, growing, harvesting, curing, packing and shipping our sweet potatoes.

We integrate innovative quality control technology into virtually every aspect of our sweet potato growing, packing and shipping business. A clean, safe crop is good for us, the environment, the produce buyer or food service provider, as well as the consumer of our nutritious sweet potatoes.

As an agriculture business, we carefully adhere to numerous laws and regulations set down by the federal government to ensure the protection of workers. In some cases, we choose to place an even higher standard within our own company. The major areas protected by these standards are pesticides, child labor, sanitation, and labor laws